What is Acai Burn by NRI?

Despite a complete lack of clinical evidence, acai has taken the weight loss industry by storm. Few of us watched the “media specials” that featured acai, and few of us have actually read the articles on what was said. So when acai fat burners like Acai Burn by NRI tell us that acai is the ultimate fat burner and the media tells us so, we believe them.

Of course, ABC, NBC, Oprah, Dr. Perricone, and other major productions all focused on the health benefits of acai. Some experts have even specified that acai is a superfruit that does not have any weight loss benefits. Yet, still we push forward, because we like to believe that marketers are honest with us. We want to know the real truth behind Acai Burn by NRI, what about you? Let’s take a look.

Weight Loss Potential of Acai Burn by NRI

Hiding behind all of this acai hype and the claims about a healthier metabolism, increased fat burning, appetite suppression, and more, we do actually find clinically proven fat burning ingredients. Whether we’re talking about the famous green tea or the stimulant free garcinia cambogia, Acai Burn by NRI does have clinically proven weight loss ingredients.

However, there are a few sticky points. Acai Burn by NRI uses ingredients that require specific doses. Actually, any clinically proven weight loss ingredient would. The problem we find is that Acai Burn by NRI takes every effort to hide this secondary information, information that really does matter.

The amounts determine whether or not a product can actually do all that they claim, and we’ve had serious trouble finding products use the clinically proven doses among diet pills that are upfront and honest about the doses. Acai Burn by NRI hides behind proprietary blends, and if you really think that Acai Burn by NRI uses 400mg of green tea or 1500mg of garcinia cambogia, you are way more optimistic than our team.

Our Thoughts on Acai Burn by NRI’s Future

Acai Burn by NRI uses clinically proven ingredients, but so does everything else. We have seen only a select few fat burners that do not have clinically proven fat burners. The problem we find is that Acai Burn by NRI does not seem to use the clinically proven amounts and therefore takes normal steps to hide that fact.

Of course, we could be mistaken and Acai Burn by NRI could be the exception to all of these reviews. However, after reading quite a few negative and luke warm customer reviews, the future does not seem all that bright to us. Acai Burn by NRI may increase energy and could be a good midday lift for some people. We just don’t see Acai Burn by NRI being a great fat burner.

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