cis9trans11.jpgWhat is Cis-9 Trans-11?

Cis-9 Trans-11 is a buzzword that is causing a small stir amongst the weight loss market. While the product shows potential to be a decent supplement one day, experts are still tapping into the substance to see what it can do. Technically, Cis-9 Trans-11 is conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA. This is usually found in specific meat and dairy products. Cis-9 Trans-11 is extracted from a plant called Carthamus tinctorius. One company is already marketing the product showing ‘scientific evidence’ of its weight loss abilities. This claim, however, is still debatable.

Cis-9 Trans-11 Price:

The retail price of one bottle is about $79.99.

Cis-9 Trans-11 Pros:

· There are loads of test being done with this substance in order to find its purpose on the supplement market.

· There is potential

Cis-9 Trans-11 Cons:

· The ‘Guarantee’ offered by the Cis-9 Trans-11 product on the market is bogus. If you read the fine print, they state:

“This site and the materials and products on this site are provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind, whether express or implied.”

Basically… this means they don’t stand behind the product. Most products that can’t prove results will include a disclaimer such as this one.



Cis-9 Trans-11 has potential- but that doesn’t mean go out and buy the product today. After more tests are done and scientists can discover what the true benefits are of this supplement, it may be worth looking into. This company does not even stand behind the product. Empty promises will not help you reach your weight loss goals. Read on about the products experts are rating the best on the market. These are products not afraid of guarantees.

Top Rated Diet Pills of 2015

#1 Diet Pill - Apidren (99/100)

Safety: 99/100
Fat Burner: 95/100
Appetite Suppression: 95/100
Effectiveness: 97/100
Value: 99/100
Guarantee: 90 Day Guarantee
Success Rate: 98.2%
Retail Value: $99.95
Best Online Price $36.65 - $49.95

Apidren uses a patent-pending blend of the most effective weight loss ingredients available. Clinical Studies? Check. Amazing Customer Reviews? Check. Lifetime Guarantee? Check. Apidren's combination of weight loss ingredients make it the Most Exciting diet pill we have ever seen. Users Fat Loss Results on Apidren are Astonishing!

As "Added Insurance" Apidren comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose but BODY FAT with Apidren. Can you Lose 15+ pounds per month with Apidren? Retail Price is $99.95 per bottle. You can buy it for as little as $24.49 - $49.95 online. Learn More. . .

#2 Diet Pill - Phenphedrine (98/100)

Safety: 77/100
Fat Burner: 98/100
Appetite Suppression: 99/100
Effectiveness: 99/100
Value: 94/100
Guarantee: 90 Day Guarantee
Success Rate: 98.7%
Retail Value: $99.95
Best Online Price $24.95 - $49.95

Phenphedrine is the worlds first diet pill to combine Phenylethylamine (PEA) & 1,3 Dimethylamylamine to create one of the most potent non-prescription diet pills available . Appetite Suppression with Phenphedrine is Record Breaking and so is the 'NATURAL HIGH' that users report feeling.

Phenphedrine contains the equivelant of 10,000 Chocolate Bars worth of PEA which induces the “Euphoric High” users report. Costly at $2 per capsule MSRP... Phenphedrine is well worth the price for serious dieters who need to lose weight fast. Best Prices online range from $0.75-$0.99 per capsule (A 50%-66% savings). Learn More. . .

#3 Diet Pill - 7-DFBX (91/100)

Safety: 88/100
Fat Burner: 93/100
Appetite Suppression: 99/100
Effectiveness: 93/100
Value: 90/100
Guarantee: 90 Day Guarantee
Success Rate: 96.5%
Retail Value: $59.99
Best Online Price 19.99

7-DFBX is a new "Detox" based diet pill that has conistently exceeded the Fat Loss Effects of by Every test subject whose tried it. Other than 7-DFBX's slightly below average thermogenic score it received a Perfect 100% in every other major category including Weight Loss Power.

7-DFBX is an "All Natural" diet pill and should be used by those who want to lose weight using nature’s best anti-oxidants and weight loss ingredients. 7-DFBX's MSRP is $59.99. . . You can buy it online for $19.99. Learn More. . .