Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max

hydroxycut maxPro Clinical Hydroxycut Max comes from a line of popular diet pills for women. It is the most powerful product in the line and is designed to burn fat, suppress cravings, and increase energy.

As the #1 diet pill right now, Apidexin sets the standard for other diet pills. So, let’s take a look at Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max and see how it compares.

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max Ingredients

The five main ingredients in the formula are:

• Caffeine anhydrous
• Alchemilla vulgaris, olea, europaea, cuminum cyminum, and mentha longifolia

Studies show that caffeine anhydrous can increase energy levels, stimulate thermogenesis (which burns calories), and reduce cravings. A safe, effective dose is between 200-400 mg a day.

The next four ingredients in Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max are listed together because they’re used together. In fact, studies show they only promote weight loss when used together in specific doses. These doses are not listed in Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max, but you can see them in the formula of Apidexin.

In addition to these 5 ingredients, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max has 8 amino acids.

Is the Formula Effective?

Every diet pill formula needs two components to be effective: proven ingredients and proven doses. Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max does have proven ingredients, but I have no way to see if the proven doses are used. All 13 active ingredients in this diet pill are combined into a blend totaling 456 mg (per 2 capsules or one serving). Individual doses are not shown.

You are supposed to take 4 to 6 capsules a day, giving you total doses of 912 mg and 1,368 mg. These doses are very strong, so they could be effective. But without being able to see individual doses, I can’t really be sure.

Are There Any Concerns?

Although I’m not sure if Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max will be effective, I do think there is a good chance of side effects. If you take 6 capsules a day, you are probably going to get more than 400 mg of caffeine; which could lead to side effects like jitteriness, nausea, dizziness, rapid heart rate, and insomnia.

What Do Users Say?

Out of more than 50 reviews, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max received an average rating of 3 stars out of 5. The biggest complaint users had is that the diet pill didn’t works, but there were several reports of side effects too. Only about 60% of users said they would recommend Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max to others.

Does It Work Fast?

Most users noticed the effects of caffeine–bad or good–within the first few days. Weight loss results usually followed over the next few weeks. Some people reported significant weight loss within the first three weeks. Others said results took longer or never came at all.

Buying & Returning

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max is very popular, so you can buy it from several retailers online and in-stores. The price for one box ranges from $20 to $30. Since this diet pill doesn’t have a high success rate, it would be best to buy it from a retailer who offers a money back guarantee. You won’t find one on the official website.

Final Conclusion

apidexin Some people get results from using Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max; others don’t. Whether or not you get results depends on how your body responds, and unfortunately, there’s no way to predict that until you try Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max. If you happen to buy this diet pill from a retailer who doesn’t offer a guarantee, you’re risking any money you spend.

Since Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max may not be effective and chances of side effects are higher than I’d like, I don’t recommend trying it. Instead, take a look at what Apidexin has to offer. Proven, safe ingredients and a money back guarantee are just a few of the reasons why it’s the top product of the year.

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