Based in the United Kingdom, Lipotrim is a weight loss program that was developed by doctors to help truly obese people.

The Lipotrim programs are diets that are meant to be used for long-term dieting success. Because the programs are monitored, they are only available with a prescription from a UK doctor or at a UK pharmacy.

Offered only to those in the United Kingdom, users can select one of two programs: medical or pharmacy. Lipotrim is geared toward obese clients who have a Body Mass Index higher than 30. The programs have three phases: weight loss, transitional, and maintenance.

Each phase of Lipotrim is meant to help maximize results and to keep the weight off once it is lost. The Lipotrom formulas include a low calorie diet, fiber rich foods, and a dietary supplement called Fiber Clear that a doctor or pharmacist can prescribe and monitor. Since fiber aids weight loss, Fiber Clear relieves constipation and reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol.

From what we can see, the Lipotrim programs seem to be very effective. The supplements range between $18 and $55 in price per product and can be found on eBay and But is Lipotrim worth the investment? Find out more!

Lipotrim Pros

One good thing about Lipotrim is that it provides a monitored non-drug alternative to sustained weight loss. It also helps those who are obese or severely obese with a safe and proven solution to weight loss. Finally, Lipotrim contains fiber-rich foods and dietary supplements that will help to suppress appetite and also aid in digestive health.

Lipotrim Cons

We are skeptical about Lipotrim because it is only offered to residents of the UK. This obviously poses logistical problems for dieters in the United States.

Also, Lipotrim requires a prescription and monitoring by a doctor who is familiar with Lipotrim.

Finally, we aren’t loving the cost of Lipotrim. From what we can see, Lipotrim is much more expensive than other diet pills – and the ingredients aren’t justifying the cost. While it may work, it doesn’t seem to be the most cost-effective approach to losing weight.


Lipotrim seems to be an effective program for sustained weight loss for obese people. Because it is prescription-based and requires the monitoring of a doctor or pharmacist, clients must be residents of the United Kingdom in order for it to work effectively.

The Lipotrim supplements are also more expensive than most dietary supplements and the program is not intended for most dieters. Additionally, there is no money-back guarantee associated with this product, so if it doesn’t work for you, you’re stuck with nothing more than a pricey placebo. Are you really willing to take that kind of risk with your money?

Because of how difficult it will be for dieters in the United States to follow the Lipotrim program perfectly, we cannot recommend that you use Lipotrim. If you live in the United Kingdom and have a BMI of 30 or higher, then Lipotrim might be a great solution to weight loss, but we cannot guarantee its success.

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