What is Meta-Ignite?

Working out day after day, week after week is hard enough; but what if you’re sweating and groaning with little in the way of results?

Sure the health benefits are going to be considerable, but you want to look like a soap star, with a traffic-stopping physique.

Well my earnest friend, you may well need a little extra in the way of support. Our recommendations? Get a physical trainer and supplement.

Meta-Ignite by GNC offers this latest product, an “ULTIMATE THERMOGENIC AMPLIFIER” which allows you to:

• Burn three times the calories pre-exercise
• Provides calorie burning before, during and after your workout
• Fuels your metabolism so you’re given extra incentive and strength to “blaze through performance barriers.”

But you do need a good supplement to help with your beefcake dreams, before they’re tossed away with the extra-large pizza box and 12-pack of beer.

So, is Meta-Ignite it?

Meta-Ignite Quality Ingredients

Meta-Ignite, like most GNC products, has a huge list of ingredients on its product label. They only manage to give highlights on a couple of them however.

And more discouraging is the lack of ingredient dosage information. Without that it’s impossible to gauge Meta-Ignite’s effectiveness.

Add to that the delivery system (proprietary blends), and we’re skeptical off the bat.

Here’s a bit of ingredient information:

Tri-Pepper Blend- contains the three amigos of metabolism and fat burning–Capsimax, Black Pepper and Caffeine. These ingredients will increase your heart rate, get you sweating, and increase metabolic rate and fat burning.
Physio Metabolic Pump Blend- uses ResVida Resveratrol to dilate blood vessels, providing strength and energy to the muscles and giving you that “pumped” look. Also contains White Willow Bark and Cinnamon Bark for increased fat burning.
Fatty Acid and Energy Metabolizer Blend- with L-Carnitine which is purported to not only increase lean muscle mass, but to preserve the muscle you have; which is often jeopardized when you start losing weight. The fatty acid blend helps with mental focus and acuity so you can concentrate and give a better performance during your work out.

There’s a decided lack of clinically proven ingredients here, and the ones they do provide may not be of sufficient dosage. Proprietary blends often hide too much of the cheap ingredients (think caffeine), and too little of costlier ones (like Capsimax.)

It’s just too darn hard to measure likely performance from Meta-Ignite without a more comprehensive ingredient (and dosage) listing.

Mega-Ignite Side Effects

Sensitive to stimulants? If you are, you may want to consider Mega-Ignite caused the jitters, headaches, stomach ailments, insomnia and nausea in some users.

Do not take on an empty stomach, or in the evening.

Mega-Ignite Money-Back Guarantee and Pricing

GNC does offer a full “no questions asked” 30-day money-back guarantee. Remember to:

• Return the used portion in its original packaging
• Return with the receipt
• Return within the 30-day window to the point of purchase

You will receive all funds back minus any applicable shipping and handling charges.

Meta-Ignite will set you back $49.99 for 90 tablets, which is a 30-day supply.

The Mega-Ignite Bottom Line

Considering the lack of clinical ingredients, the “mixed” consumer testimonials, and price, you may want to opt instead for a top-rated diet pill that gives you “straight up, no-blend” clinically proven ingredients and a full, lifetime money-back guarantee.

For a diet pill that doesn’t scrimp on quality ingredients and has a company that is proud to tell you about every single ingredient in its formula, we recommend Apidexin. Apidexin’s official website not only features its stellar formula but has plenty of users who are willing to testify of its effectiveness.

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